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Ruin2256 viewsPaula has grown up in the Neutral Territory and has never known a time without the neighboring Wildlands as a threat. Her government does what it can to protect her people, but they still live in fear. Then one night Paula's mother is arrested, and Paula is banned to the Wildlands. Now she must make a new life for herself in a territory of people she knows will not be welcoming.

The Two Brothers3961 viewsBorn in the aftermath of the Revolution, Jimmy was the first child from a human experiment to demonstrate unnatural abilities at a very young age. Now his memories of a girl have been stirred up along with memories of the man whose arrival led to an event that would define Jimmy's adult life.

Beautiful Tears : a House of DeDe novel2372 viewsBethany Boudreaux doesn’t regret becoming a Lady. She adores the toys all her newfound money can buy. She likes watching the fear in others when she enters a room. When she thinks about her boys, the two most powerful bachelors in the country, she becomes giddy enough to kill. Life is definitely good, until a chance encounter.
Now Beth is desperately trying to help others in difficult circumstances. Beth has a plan and patiently waits for the right moment to make her move. It wouldn’t be so hard, a piece of cake really, if her boys cooperated, no questions asked. Yet her boys are becoming difficult and her determination to get what she wants grows to the point of urgency. Failure is something she isn’t use to and she’ll obtain their cooperation at any price.
Healthy Thoughts of a Wealthy Woman: Moving From Poverty to Prosperity4254 viewsShort Book - Jagi takes a dramatic step to change her mind to change the feelings she has been experiencing her whole life. This terrifies her and brings very real fear into who will she become if she lets go of beliefs she has held onto for so long. Does she want to become this new person? Will others accept her of who she is to become? Her mind in turmoil of letting go of those accumulated negative beliefs becomes hard, which stops her living the way she was always meant to live. The depth of her mind is tested when she can't get ahead financially, this causes her to question her old beliefs and create new ones to reach for her rightful birthright to live an abundant life.
Roll Call899 viewsA true account of the author's drug dealing past that turned into trumped up organized crime charges over a bad business deal with the fabricator of Custom Craft Harley Davidson's.

Another true account of how the corrupt California Prison Union used terror tactics with then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger relating to the 3 Strikes Law. Harvard lawyer Daniel Morris has since confirmed it with, "A shameful lie."

Roll Call is a true prison story with a cast of characters that include Mexican drug cartels, Southern California street gangs and Hell's Angels all fighting for their piece of the drug culture. In the middle of it all, B.J. is hell bent for destruction until he realizes his destiny in the nick of time.

Add a good detective squeezed out of the loop by an overzealous narcotic detective; a robust prison union trying to call the shots; a handful of drug criminals trying to find their conscience and you have the perfect recipe for a revolutionary uprising, bound by blood, all leaving the reader wondering, who are the real criminals?
Lock Up Diaries982 views"Lock Up Diaries takes you inside the California prison system where inmates are segregated by race. A piercing look inside prison where violence seems to be what the guards want, where they can get paid time and a half for riots and instigating them becomes normal. B.J a drug criminal, takes the readers on a view never before seen, where interaction with the warden, gang investigators and counselors actually promote gang allegience!"

~ Orange County Weekly
Product Description
"The Lock Up Diaries is a harrowing account of what it is like in California's most hellacious prison. The vivid characters, the pace, the look at how drug debts affect the political landscape, are entertaining to say the least." Jeniffer flowers, UCLA

The author spent 10 years inside the most violent prisons in California on drug charges. Lock Up Diaries is a depiction of life inside prison and a look at the political landscape between races who are segregated by cell. The amazing details of prison life - code words that prisoners use, explanations of how they communicate from cell to cell - really make you feel you have entered a different world, or like you are watching a movie about prison life. The story shows how race riots that can kill prisoners can be started for very small and seemingly unimportant reasons, and how violence permeates every aspect of prison life. In Lock Up Diaries, a drug debt is on the verge of sparking a gang war.

All True Crime Books by the Author are available in the Kindle Store and include:
Roll Call Book 1 & Upon Release From Prison ( Roll Call Book 2 )
Race Riots - Prison Killers- Book 1, Gladiator - Prison Killers- Book 3 & Underdog- Prison Killers- Book 4.
The Path to Destiny: Tia's Folly389 viewsWARNING- this book contains scenes of rape and torture. NOT recommended for readers under the age of 18.
When Tia is unwittingly forced into mediating a peace council by the Gods, she finds herself drawn to the Phoenix Warlord in ways she cannot understand.
Promised to another, Tia leads herself down a path of dead-ends and wrong turns. As the mistakes keep piling up, she discovers that in life, sometimes the right decision can ultimately be the wrong one.
You can purchase the book at...
Roots of Ransom66 viewsThe Faerie world is not all rainbows and magic. There are laws and rules and when those are broken, that's when the MCA gets involved. When things get dangerous, the Agency calls in their best and that's Agent Faerie Nuff. The night a Dental Acquisition Agent is kidnapped, Nuff is called in to find out what happened as well as locate the missing agent.

With a ransom demand on line, Nuff enlists the help of Special agent Jasmine (Jaz) Frost. Shunned by the bulk of the Fae, Jaz continues to help Nuff unravel

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Ax cover26 viewsNov 29, 2016
Into The Woods- Available for pre-order49 viewsDue to a terrible accident that happened years ago, Karen and her cousin have never been close. Now their rivalry looks set to rise again when Karen returns to visit her aunt & uncle...Only this time, the stakes are higher...MUCH higher.

Pre-order: http://tinyurl.com/qxd54ex
Jun 28, 2015
Miscellany - OUT NOW!74 viewsFollow the trials and tribulations of the Robertson family; as each one tries to sort out their own personal dilemmas, they soon discover that their priviliged lives may not have the ''Midas touch'' they once thought.

Buy here: http://tinyurl.com/ozyrkdn
Jun 26, 2014
Playing For Keeps- AVAILABLE NOW: http://tinyurl.com/pygd2fm43 viewsBoy meets Girl; Boy falls in love with girl…Or does he? The Boy Playboy Mark St James has it all; wealth, charm, and luxury. He hasn't been doing too badly in his personal life either; for the past couple of years he's been dating someone nearly twenty years older than himself, there's nothing in it though; it's just a bit of fun, that's the mutual feeling between them anyway. However when his parents worry that he's not mature enough to inherit his fortune and the family business, they decide to test his pJun 26, 2014
49 viewsApr 17, 2014
Character Concert54 viewsCharacter Concert is a Christian teen nonfiction book that covers cutting-edge issues using cartoon-like drawings. One youth chaplain said of the book: "I was very impressed with it." Character Concert is available from amazon.com.Aug 23, 2013
Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart64 viewsHafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart is a Christian teen fantasy. The novel received a great review from the Midwest Book Review and is available from amazon.com and from the Lighthouse Christian Publishing website fantasy page two.Aug 23, 2013
Heart of Terror 62 viewsThis is the book cover for the Christian thriller entitled Heart of Terror. The Midwest Book Review said of the book: "Heart of Terror is an exciting twist of thriller and faith, very much recommended reading." The novel is available as an ebook as well as in hard copy from amazon.com and from the Barnes and Noble website.Aug 23, 2013

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