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The Wrong Walk Home421 viewsAfter Finding himself in a situation that sends his life in a spiral, 14 year-old Nathaniel Dennings Finds himself scouring the west side of america with nothing but his thoughts, his charm, and his lies. With no food, no water, no where to go, this story tells you about his time on the road, without anyone or anything to start with.

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...And Accept995 viewsA Sex After Marriage Story (Volume 2)

After her affair is exposed, Stacey and Adam decide that they have many issues to discuss. That is, if they can ever stop having steamy sex long enough to really talk. Instead they spend an incredible weekend having increasingly amazing sex.
...And Obey908 viewsA Sex After Marriage Story (Volume 1)

Stacey thought she had to look outside of her marriage for a dominant man to satisfy her needs, not realizing that her own gentle spouse is an alpha male waiting to be released. Her frustrations come to a head when she is caught out, betrayed by her own adventurous lust.
Titanic Poetry, Music & Stories79 viewsMany great accounts of the fateful night of April 14th and 15th of 1912 have been told about the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Over the past one hundred and one years, the stories of the people and the disaster have been explained in art, movies, books, music and verse.
This book begins with two original poems I have written to commemorate the ship’s first, last and only voyage and the heroics demonstrated by some of those souls on board, some who survived and others who did not.
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