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Child Abuse Turns To Murder .99756 views When little Johnny G. Porter was about 15, Vanessa saw his mother Darleen inject him with heroin. His half sister, Mary, confirmed that Johnny had come to stay with her family on two occasions. Johnny’s father was an alcoholic who frequently beat his children and according to Mary, had no interest in his son, Johnny. Sue Westin, Mary’s mother, by videotape, confirmed Mary’s testimony concerning Porter’s father was abusive. She said he saw Jonny’s father beat him and stuff him in cabinets for hours and when Johnny was allowed to come out, his father would beat him again. She further confirmed that Johnny, who was a quiet, withdrawn child, appeared badly neglected when he first came to stay with her family.
The second time Porter came to stay, he “wasn’t in very good emotional health at all.” Johnny protected Mary against her brother Mike by getting very violent to the point that Ms. Westin had to take Mike to the hospital for stitches. When Ms. Westin and Johnny’s father concluded that Johnny needed help, they contacted child welfare authorities who then placed him in a foster home. Other’s corroborated Vanessa’s account of Darleen Hill’s neglect of her children and her open drug use in the home.
When Darleen was pregnant with little Johnny and his sister, it was confirmed that she went to the Drs. And tried to abort them both by injecting saline solution up her but both were failed abortions! Johnny and his sister came out with oversized skulls and were slow learners throughout their lives.

ASIN: B00850R2JY Amazon Kindle

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Abused-True-Story-Control-ebook/dp/B00850R2JY/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1337660012&sr=1-3 Amazon Kindle UK

Bank of Crooks & Criminals138 viewsThe story of how an old Marine was robbed by his banker at the point of a pen.
Disappear, Love by E. Hughes4456 viewsI was torn between feelings of anger and happiness at seeing O again. I was happy that he was alive and well, but the fact that he had not come out to say hello to me sooner bothered me. I recalled the hour and a half I spent at their restaurant the night before. When Mihoko was serving my tea she mentioned her "brother". She said he told her to offer me a blanket when I was wet which meant, he cared about me still. How could I be angry at that?

Just when he thought his life couldn't get any better, O finds himself on the run, unwittingly repaying his family's debt to a shadowy Japanese mafia outfit by leaving behind the only girl he has ever loved. He returns six years later, working as a chef at his family's restaurant when a series of crimes brings them together again, and not only must he answer for his mysterious absence, but whether he ever really loved her at all.

O will do everything in his power to keep Victoria safe, even if it means keeping her in the dark.
When Victoria Taisha Lawford, civilian researcher and freelance reporter begins an investigation into a series of arsons striking fear into local restaurants all over the city, she runs into "O", an old flame who mysteriously disappeared six years ago. She learns he now works as a gourmet chef at a Japanese restaurant...the only restaurant in the area to survive the recent spate of fires. Will they rekindle the fire between them? Or will a turn in the investigation make him her latest suspect?
Tainted Legacy101 viewsA corpse and a million dollars in missing jewels—Sid Langdon is tapped to find the answers by the very man who may be responsible for both! It’s Sid’s first case—it might well be his last!

Available at: https://www.createspace.com/4219653

Web site: http://pillaredroses.webs.com

The Cottage by the Lake212 viewsSid Langdon didn’t believe in the Greenwood ghost—until murder changed his mind!

Available at: https://www.createspace.com/4215708

Website: http://pillaredroses.webs.com
The Mystery of the Nourdon Blue 249 viewsTwo men are obsessed with a legendary jewel that vanished during the Crimean War. Now one of them is missing, and Sid Langdon has been hired to find him. When the trail goes cold, Sid decides to trace the stone instead, and uncovers a murky world of murderous intrigue along the trail to the Nourdon Blue.

Available at: https://www.createspace.com/4219769

Website: http://pillaredroses.webs.com
Leather Apron - COMING SOON!!!551 viewsSet in 1888 & featuring the brilliant detective Pierce Ackles, Leather Apron is an edge-of-your-seat crime thriller chronicling the notorious murders of the most illusive serial killer the world has ever known: Jack the Ripper. A gripping and terrifying tale, it will keep you guessing right up to the final pages as you work to unmask the man and motive behind the macabre murders. Culminating in a thundering conclusion, Leather Apron is a must-read for crime thriller fans, murder mystery fans, historical fiction fans and avid Ripperologists.


A brilliant detective, a crazed killer, a mysterious couple, a handful of prostitutes…

Lives converge and history is altered as an entire city is plunged into an era of panic and terror. A ruthless killer ravages London, seizing its helpless prostitutes; murdering and mutilating their bodies before vanishing, untraced and unpunished.

In a time when lives hang in the balances, when murder is the consequence of failure, when a city teeters upon the brink of pandemonium, it is up to one man to unravel the mystery, to put a face to the myth-like villain; to end the gruesome killing spree.

Delving into the bleakest moments of 1888 when death itself walked the streets of London and blood pierced the denseness of the fog, Detective Pierce Ackles is forced to face his most formidable opponent yet: the illusive Jack the Ripper.

Through meticulous analysis of evidence, an uncanny perception of the darkest elements of human nature, and an unmatched wit, he is set against the world’s most cunning and brutal killers. Driven by a steely commitment and unrelenting desire to see justice prevail, he is the embodiment of every criminal’s most dreaded opponent.


Author D.B. Harrop is the creator of the Pierce Ackles crime series, a series which takes brilliant detective Pierce Ackles to countries across the globe solving the most complex and high-profile cases. With intricate plots, compelling characters, witty dialogue and latent humor, D.B. Harrop weaves masterful tales of intrigue, crime, mystery, suspense and adventure.

Websites: www.PierceAckles.com

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