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Healthy Thoughts of a Wealthy Woman: Moving From Poverty to Prosperity4281 viewsShort Book - Jagi takes a dramatic step to change her mind to change the feelings she has been experiencing her whole life. This terrifies her and brings very real fear into who will she become if she lets go of beliefs she has held onto for so long. Does she want to become this new person? Will others accept her of who she is to become? Her mind in turmoil of letting go of those accumulated negative beliefs becomes hard, which stops her living the way she was always meant to live. The depth of her mind is tested when she can't get ahead financially, this causes her to question her old beliefs and create new ones to reach for her rightful birthright to live an abundant life.
Living and Working in South Korea1033 viewsAn effectionaly irreverent window into the cultural adjustments that await the unsuspecting 'western' university graduate who thinks a year or so teaching English in South Korea would be a novel way to travel, make some money and have a bit of an overseas adventure.
I Can't Keep Up! A 'Clear as Crystal' guide to keeping your family safe online2650 viewsThe Internet is fantastic!
It can also be a dangerous place for our kids.
This useful guide by Internet Safety Trainer Charles Conway is available from http://www.scam-detectives.co.uk/books
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