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My Temporary Life5406 viewsHeroes are not born, they’re made. With strength forged by years of enduring schoolyard bullying and neglect at the hands of a promiscuous carefree mother, Malcolm Stewart learns to stand up for himself and for his friends. But sometime between his years growing up in Scotland, with his staunch Scottish father and his adulthood in Canada, Malcolm gave up on life. When beautiful Heather,with her red hair, wearing a t-shirt that reads “I Am the Revolution,” andcombat boots enters his life - everything in his world changes.

Malcolm falls in love with Heather. And after hearing about her abusive childhood and the daughter she was forced to leave behind, Malcolm knows he must help her get the little girl back. He has no choice– that’s what heroes do. Their journey takes them to a remote corner of Canada, where Malcolm faces trouble from being accused of kidnapping to being run off of a snowy road by an enraged psycho. Heather's story proves to be more tragic than Malcolm ever imagined. But his love for her and a little girl he has never met, gives Malcolm an opportunity to become the hero he never thought he could be.

Now Available here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006O2P13O
and here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/115663
A Lady of the Realm : a house of DeDe novel4458 viewsBethany Boudreaux doesn’t regret becoming a Lady. She adores the toys all her newfound money can buy. She likes watching the fear in others when she enters a room. When she thinks about her boys, the two most powerful bachelors in the country, she becomes giddy enough to kill. Life is definitely good, until a chance encounter.

Now Beth is desperately trying to help others in difficult circumstances. Beth has a plan and patiently waits for the right moment to make her move. It wouldn’t be so hard, a piece of cake really, if her boys cooperated, no questions asked. Yet her boys are becoming difficult and her determination to get what she wants grows to the point of urgency. Failure is something she isn’t use to and she’ll obtain their cooperation at any price.

Available through Amazon Kindle e-book store.
Disappear, Love by E. Hughes4456 viewsI was torn between feelings of anger and happiness at seeing O again. I was happy that he was alive and well, but the fact that he had not come out to say hello to me sooner bothered me. I recalled the hour and a half I spent at their restaurant the night before. When Mihoko was serving my tea she mentioned her "brother". She said he told her to offer me a blanket when I was wet which meant, he cared about me still. How could I be angry at that?

Just when he thought his life couldn't get any better, O finds himself on the run, unwittingly repaying his family's debt to a shadowy Japanese mafia outfit by leaving behind the only girl he has ever loved. He returns six years later, working as a chef at his family's restaurant when a series of crimes brings them together again, and not only must he answer for his mysterious absence, but whether he ever really loved her at all.

O will do everything in his power to keep Victoria safe, even if it means keeping her in the dark.
When Victoria Taisha Lawford, civilian researcher and freelance reporter begins an investigation into a series of arsons striking fear into local restaurants all over the city, she runs into "O", an old flame who mysteriously disappeared six years ago. She learns he now works as a gourmet chef at a Japanese restaurant...the only restaurant in the area to survive the recent spate of fires. Will they rekindle the fire between them? Or will a turn in the investigation make him her latest suspect?
Healthy Thoughts of a Wealthy Woman: Moving From Poverty to Prosperity4281 viewsShort Book - Jagi takes a dramatic step to change her mind to change the feelings she has been experiencing her whole life. This terrifies her and brings very real fear into who will she become if she lets go of beliefs she has held onto for so long. Does she want to become this new person? Will others accept her of who she is to become? Her mind in turmoil of letting go of those accumulated negative beliefs becomes hard, which stops her living the way she was always meant to live. The depth of her mind is tested when she can't get ahead financially, this causes her to question her old beliefs and create new ones to reach for her rightful birthright to live an abundant life.
Dust and Silence Book 1 Cover Art4058 viewsSemias, crowned ruler of the war machine known as Felsland, is in the middle of a revolution. The voices have summoned him to his higher calling; he is not a mere man, but the voice of the Maker within the world. With the backing of the nobles and the country gripped in fear, the God-King pens the doctrine of the "One True Maker", claiming that the worship of the Sleeping Gods is punishable by death. He creates an army to act as the unwavering black-hand of the crown and church: an army wielding weapons fueled by a mysterious white powder. This powder is changing the world, one corpse at a time.

The story of Dust and Silence opens with an unlikely cast: an aging inventor, a street urchin, a captured officer, a heretical commander, a handful of mages that have never been outside their floating city, and a little demon spawned from the bowels of a mountain. They alone will learn the secrets surrounding the source of the white dust, and change the fate of a land that is trying to kill them with every step they take.

If you think this book might be for you, check it out on Amazon:

The Two Brothers3999 viewsBorn in the aftermath of the Revolution, Jimmy was the first child from a human experiment to demonstrate unnatural abilities at a very young age. Now his memories of a girl have been stirred up along with memories of the man whose arrival led to an event that would define Jimmy's adult life.

EVENING WOLF IS RELEASED!3969 viewsWhen the young, beautiful Elizabeth Wade goes to live and work in an isolated, rural North Yorkshire village as their school teacher, little did she know that she was to be accused of witchcraft and become the focus of suspicion, sexual desire and revenge, when a series of unexplained and terrible events befall the community.

It’s the early 1950s and the people of Bridgeford are still steeped in superstition and fear of evil goings on in their midst. It is no surprise therefore that they turn on Elizabeth, a vulnerable and defenceless woman…or so she appeared to be.
The Invincible Trio- Phase 13847 viewsThis is the cover page of an entailing eBook titled- "The Invincible Trio- Phase 1". It has elements of action, fantasy, adventure, mystery with exciting characters. The book is available at Amazon, the link to which is: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005JEEKKI.
Dust and Silence Book 1 - Cover Art 23295 viewsThis is the updated cover for the first book in the 'Dust and Silence' series. The book is available on Amazon.

3189 viewswitchcraft, superstition, revenge
The Blood Moon of Winter3002 viewsAs the land of Makayra deteriorates, its people seek the help of one that might save them. The only chance of survival is the return of the goddess of the land yet she is nowhere to be found in their world. Through magic and determination, the Prophecy of Resurgence will come to pass.
Their search leads them to discover Lilyana, a shy, young woman hiding behind her books to avoid the interactions of daily life. The Makayrans must transcend time and space, to bring forth the goddess hidden within Lily...
Beautiful Tears : a house of DeDe novel2931 viewsBethany Boudreaux is tired of being a damn peasant. Her mother, a born again human who rejects her witch bloodline, has kept Beth secluded and ignorant for most of her life. Beth wants to eat, preferably twice a day. She’d like a grand home, with a fully stocked bar. She’s tired of eking out an existence while the rich freaks get all the breaks. She’ll do anything to claim what is, by law, hers. She needs help, lots of it, because paperwork can be a bitch.

When Beth learns Lord Aleksander is coming to visit her club, she grabs a stiff drink and waits. The dark elf of Losalfar is the perfect solution to her current legal problems. He’s obscenely rich, a top member of the hierarchy, about to inherit region two, including New Orleans, but most importantly to her … he’s a man. Men are so easy, regardless of race. With his help, she can have money, power and a title of her own. All she needs do to gain his assistance is agree to three measly conditions.

Available through Amazon Kindle e-book store.
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