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Articles: Corruption in Uganda - case of the role of the citizens

Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 06:37 PM, (1135 Reads)

Destined to Triumph by Julius Babyetsiza John Breeden, a.k.a Stark Silvercoin, who has been a journalist and reporter all his life and has covered everything from backwoods politics to NASA to murder, writes about a book "Destined to Triumph by Julius Babyetiza, saying:

“There is an old Chinese curse that says “May you live in interesting times,” and author Julius Babyetsiza, who writes his autobiography here, has certainly lived it. And he tells us of his experiences with poise and passion in Destined to Triumph.

I was fascinated by this man, not much older than me, who chose to try to change his world, which by both his and every other account I’ve ever read, is probably one of the most corrupt and horrible places on Earth. But it’s apparent that Babyetsiza both loves and loathes his native Uganda, for he is in a unique position to know both the country’s potential and also to experience how it’s being squandered for the benefit of a few people at the very top.

I’m also fascinated that Babyetsiza chooses a non-violent path for this change and instead uses his intelligence and his writing skills. Reading the pages of this book, it’s obvious that he has an abundance of both. I only wish we could have some real closure to the narrative, but it’s clear that his story continues to be written.

I don’t know if Destined to Triumph can change the world, but this moving tale could make a big impact on Uganda, and I wish him well in that endeavour.” By John Breeden II

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