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Articles: Adventures in Hollywood

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 12:40 AM, (1372 Reads)

A unique lesbian revenge tale.

Set in the 1950's.

Marian Feldman Horiwitz, a lesbian in her early thirties, was doing well in a front marriage with a gay man with whom she worked in horror films, under the names Kris and Karisma Harris. She is faced with a financial situation when Hollywood doesn't want her when she's no longer part of a team.

At the suggestion of a gay photographer friend, Karisma opens an acting school. She soon becomes romantically and sexually interested in one of her adult students, a very talented young actress who,unfortunately has a brutish boyfriend.

This story is available in e-book form only at Amazon for $2.99 (click here)

Please visit the author's blog for info on all books, stories, book covers, blurbs and excerpts.

Helen Dunn - is also the author of "Untamed Women of Yesteryear" published by L-Books - which received honorable mention by Golden Crown Literary Society, as well as being nominated for Favorite Lesbian Fiction Historical by the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards group.

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