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Articles: Are 70% of Black Children born out of wedlock! The truth!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012 - 01:42 AM, (3916 Reads)

I want to clear this question up once and for all. It is said that 70% of black children are born to single mothers. Or 70% of black children don't have a father in the house.

This information is based on a 2006 study that documented the number of births that year.
Source: United States Center for Disease Control 2006 Census data:

On page 6 it says...

70% of black women out of 617,220 births in the year 2006 were born to mothers who were not married at the time that they gave birth. This does not mean they did not marry later. It merely reflects their marital status at the time that they gave birth.

On the surface, this appears to be true based on what government agencies like the census and local offices are told.

This lie has been transmuted to several things. 70% of black women are unmarried, 70% of black women are single. 70% of black children don't have fathers. 70% of black households have no man in the house... and so on. You can google all of those phrases. 70% is the "catch all" number for all topics about black women now, and even credible news sources have not clarified this number. It's gone viral when there's really no truth to it.

Why are these numbers higher for black women than it is for women of other races?

The reason "men" are unaccounted for in many black "households" is because many low income families rely on some form of public assistance, whether it is housing or monetary. Reporting a male head of household/spouse/fiance would result in women losing benefits that help their families, so most will lie and say there is no man present in the household to avoid losing public benefits. Agencies generally account for all income coming into the household so many minority women will say they are unmarried and that they are not cohabitating. This is not the truth. Most are. On the surface, to the public it appears to be true because the data is being reported by government agencies. But most families will falsly report the number of family members in their household to protect their income. Even to a harmless census worker.

This has gone on since the 60s. Back when social workers would come to the house to see if a male head of household was present. Welfare laws strictly enforced the female head of household rule. If a social worker showed up, the father would jump out the back window to avoid being seen. At the time, black men did not earn a desirable income so women relied on public assistance, thus black men and women practice "common law" marriages.

George Bush Jr was aware of this issue when he was president, that's why he included a "marriage" incentive for low income families. But even a few hundred dollars extra a month could result in loss of benefits so couples who are very much living together will either delay getting married until they are financially stable or, they are married but don't report it to public housing agencies for fear of the family losing their benefits. In fact, the common law husband is often not included on their rental or housing leases. It's duplicitious, but people do what they can to survive.

That is why the number of unmarried black women appears to be more inflated than it is for other races. We need to tell the truth and stop this malicious lie.

Pass this essay on, and tell them Lester sent you.

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