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Articles: Spiritual Teacher Writes Guidebook For Improving Life

Friday, May 17, 2013 - 05:32 PM, (881 Reads)

It’s a startlingly simple guidebook to energize your life — “Improve Your Intuition” by John Culbertson.

In fact, calling “Improve Your Intuition” by John Culbertson a guidebook would be an understatement. It is a treasure trove containing some very basic yet highly beneficial insights and practical advice on how to live a fuller, richer and profoundly productive life.

In his latest new age treatise on how to attain a heightened level of consciousness, John Culbertson, Psychic, Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher, reveals many simple yet effective techniques to develop extraordinary intuitive skills.

“Improve Your Intuition” is a very practical and sensible how-to manual that reveals simple techniques to energize and enrich your life by teaching you to develop your own psychic abilities. John Culbertson draws upon his abundant experience of interacting with different kinds of spiritual energy and distills this knowledge into easily understandable nuggets of wisdom in this groundbreaking new age book.

According to John, “Success with your intuition is like singing. Everyone has a voice. Everyone can use it to sing. Everyone can learn to improve what is already there through study and practice.” This is the kind of refreshingly simple and candid manner in which John unravels complex concepts. The tone of voice is so evocative that it infuses confidence and enthusiasm even in a novice who is coming across these concepts for the first time.

Generously embellished with mythological anecdotes, rational explanations and metaphorical descriptions, “Improve Your Intuition” takes the reader on an incredibly fascinating journey that leaves refreshingly vivid impressions on the mind. Written with a depth of understanding that belies the simple, commonsensical manner in which he explains esoteric concepts like Energy Chakras, Auras and Scrying, John has achieved a great breakthrough in illuminating and clearing the cobwebs from some hitherto obscure and obtuse practices and rituals.

A remarkable aspect of the book is the straightforward manner in which it is constructed. The information contained in each chapter is intelligently fused with practical advice and a simple set of how-to instructions, which John calls exercises, so that the reader can apply the lessons learnt from the book. Some of the exercises are complemented by variations which enables the reader to try out different options according to their suitability and convenience.

The manner in which he expounds the importance of practically applying the knowledge gained from the book through regular exercises to fully benefit from it resonates with his confidence and belief in their effectiveness. He hit the proverbial nail on the head when he says at the outset of the book, “You can’t expect to master the material in this book by reading alone. A wide gulf exists between understanding concepts and practicing what you learn.”

This is essentially the secret to why the book is so simple and yet so powerful. It is John’s uncanny ability to connect with his reader on a deeply personal level which perhaps stems from his mastery of the various spiritual practices which are mentioned in the book. The power of positive thinking, meditation and relaxation techniques, energy rituals to maximize their benefits, practical advice on how to eliminate your fears and realize your full potential—these are just some of the highly beneficial lessons that “Improve Your Intuition” offers.

“Improve Your Intuition,” also contains many significant references to John’s earlier book, “Psychic Self Defense and Protection,” published in 2010.

In “Improve Your Intuition,” John says, “Once you gain success with one goal, it’s vital to form another goal or improve upon the goal achieved. In doing so you continuously work toward improvement in all spheres of life.” This is what the book promises through a series of goal-oriented easy-to-follow practical exercises. *** About John Culbertson

John Culbertson was nominated as one of the best psychics in Southwest Florida by readers of Natural Awakenings Magazine. He offers intuitive/spiritual counseling sessions (also called psychic readings) and spiritual coaching services in person, and via phone, Skype and e-mail. An accomplished spiritual teacher, writer and motivational speaker, this Rosicrucian and Mason also undertakes public speaking engagements and conducts other kinds of public events, such as classes. He has also created many audio products that address common lifestyle issues such as overcoming unhealthy habits, losing weight and learning to meditate which are available at www.mysticjohnculbertson.com ### If you’d like more information on this topic, want an e-book or physical book to review, or to schedule an interview with John Culbertson, please call him at 816-689-8701 or email him at mysticjohnc at aol.com

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