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Articles: Intergalactic Space Flight Is Not So Difficult

Saturday, November 29, 2014 - 05:43 AM, (951 Reads)

It's not the distance, it's the time to travel the distance that makes Interstellar travel look so difficult. However according to the modern physics of Einstein's Relativity, the travel time can be made quite manageable, by employing the experimentally proven principle of Time Contraction.

By employing nuclear reactor generated very high pressure steam jets the starship is accelerated to near lights speed. T time slows down for the starship and its occupants. making the time to another Earth type Solar system quite manageable.
This is all explained in my recently published ebook titled "Intergalactic Space Flight Is Not So Difficult." This revolutionary pioneering ebook by professional scientist Phillip Duke Ph.D. is available from Amazon.com and also through Draft2Digital.com. If you are interested in space ships, space flight, colonizing other earth type worlds, encounters with ET aliens, and humanity's future in outer space, then you will enjoy reading this ebook. With 26,000 words, 12 illustrations, 15 hyperlinked chapters and References.

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