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The Following by Dale Roberts available from Amazon.com


Posted by dale2118 on Monday, October 29, 2012 Read full article: 'The Following by Dale Roberts'   

The History of the Dochani is the first book of the series Immortals of Scar.

300 years it takes for her egg to hatch and when she comes out she is ill prepared to meet the challenges that she will face.

Will she survive the harsh treatments of the cannibals and be able to confront the evil that plagues the vast universes? Planets are more than a 1,000 parsecs apart, but they might as well be a 2 minute drive.


IRREFUTABLE available on Amazon.com


Posted by dale2118 on Monday, October 29, 2012 Read full article: 'IRREFUTABLE by Dale Roberts'   

Canada Died? 589 Reads EStories

I had used those Canadian slugs that look and feel like nickels for years. I never paid much attention to them and neither did any clerk who accepted them as American currency. Then, one day, out of boredom, I read the inscription on one of these "nickels". The Canadian coin declared, "Canada, 1867-2008". I was shocked and deeply saddened. It took me a long time to recover from realizing that the "nickel" was an "in memoriam" announcement. Afterward, I wrote this tribute to the late, great nation of Canada.

Posted by PisoMojado on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Read full article: 'Canada Died?'   

In Business as Usual, Elizabeth Byron's disgraced businessman father enters her into "arranged marriage" with the son of a foreign [Chinese] investor. A marriage meant to last just long enough for him to get his green card.

Elizabeth has a sweetheart of her own and despises her new husband to be, but soon learns than there's more to this foreign cutie that meets the eye.


Personal Vengeance 912 Reads authorannouncement
Personal Vengeance, a story of murder, revenge and
forgiveness. Pastor Mike McIntrye, aka Mac, is out for some
revenge after his wife of 15 years is brutally murdered by an
outlaw motorcycle gang. He learns how to fight and shoot. He
discovers what an outlaw motorcycle gang is all about. This
book shows the depth one can go when all they can think about
is getting revenge.


"Great characters with such realistic pain and situations.
Makes you wonder what you would do if faced with just such a
time in your life. Excellent book on life changing moments. I
believe people will truly feel what the main character, Mac
is going through. You will see a man who is at his lowest,
and how the power of God's healing touch can work through
even the most hardened of hearts. Some scary motorcycle gang
action, but this adds to the true feeling of this amazing
book. More, please, Dennis Snyder. Your writing is
awesome!!!" KAREN MALENA, author of the Son of Mine series

First chapter follows:

Posted by concernlife on Sunday, September 30, 2012 Read full article: 'Personal Vengeance'   

It is great news to hear that your car loan is less than hour away from approval with the online lender. The borrowers can have the check in their hand once the loan is approved on the following day. Applying for an auto loan online is that simple. This is how online loan and lenders work. The Internet has made this world as a globalized village. It is quite easy to carry out activities with the help of Internet and sit at home.

Posted by wiliams.282 on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Read full article: 'Applying for Auto Financing Online'   

I have a new short story collection out.

Posted by RobertLCollins on Friday, September 07, 2012 Read full article: 'The Fantastic Cases of Gwen Conner'   

An interview question and answer feature that Cathy Stucker did on my released ebooks. We talked about the works of fiction and non-fiction released. In addition we touched on the writing process, inspiration and publishing. All works mentioned in the article are available now for your reading pleasure. My answers are listed after the questions posed.

Posted by dominaeprimus on Friday, August 31, 2012 Read full article: 'More Interview Revelations'   

Below are extracts from a question and answer session that I had with Joanne Troppello.  The answers are still relevant today as it was then. We discussed writing inspirations, the process and my published releases of fiction and non-fiction ebooks.  Globally available now for your reading pleasure.


Get your dream car-new or used from Rapidcarloans.net. As we have a huge network of lenders and dealers, we offer low rate car loans to good, bad as well as no credit borrowers. Fill our simple and secure online application form and open doors of affordable car financing options.


"Mountain Angel" is a contemporary romance set in a scenic small town in Southwest Montana.


Morgen Bailey's Author interview with Julius Babyetsiza, the author “Destined to Triumph”, which can be accessed at the following link: http://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/author-interview-no-462-with-writer-julius-babyetsiza

Author interview no.462 with writer Julius Babyetsiza
15 Aug

Welcome to the four hundred and sixty-second of my blog interviews with novelists, poets, short story authors, biographers, agents, publishers and more. Today’s is with autobiographer Julius Babyetsiza. A list of interviewees (blogged and scheduled) can be found here. If you like what you read, please do go and investigate further.

Morgen: Hello, Julius. Please tell us something about yourself, where you’re based, and how you came to be a writer.

Julius: I am Julius Babyetsiza. I am a Ugandan by nationality, living and working in Kampala. “Destined to Triumph” – my published book by CreateSpace, Amazon’s own publishing house, is my first shot at writing a book. The only writing experiences I had had are nine exciting newspaper articles that I wrote in the Uganda’s state owned leading daily, the New Vision, during the period between August 2009 and February 2010. The articles were classified as politically sensitive and I was demanded to stop writing them. The dismay to continue writing the articles in the New Vision is one of the things that inspired me to write “Destined to Triumph”. I pinpointed this out in the book’s prologue.

Morgen: I’m so not a fan of red tape and it’s a such a shame that we can’t say what we like but I guess there has to be a line in most cases. What genre do you generally write and have you considered other genres? (READ MORE)


Training Your Dog to be Home Alone is excerpted from the book "Bad Dog to Best Friend". It's a step-by-step guide to weaning your dog from a crate and teaching him to stay home alone with full run of the house and includes the chapters on potty training a problem dog and dealing with dog chewing problems.

This booklet was inspired by the true story of a semi-adult shelter dog who used the house as her own personal potty and chew toy. If she can be taught to stay home alone without chewing or potty in the house, there's hope for your dog, too.

Posted by SharonDelarose on Sunday, August 05, 2012   

Coin collectors, this book is not for you. It is the perfect gift to give your spouse in the hopes that your spouse will start giving you coin-related gifts for your wedding anniversaries. If you are married to a coin collector, why not give coins on your wedding anniversary? This gift guide takes the traditional wedding anniversary gift table and suggests coins, paper money, silver and gold bullion that will match the traditional gift category.

Posted by SharonDelarose on Sunday, August 05, 2012   

The Cantor Dimension 1887 Reads AuthorBook

In Rochester, New York, a woman disappears. The memory of her existence is wiped clean from everyone who knew her except for one friend with a crazy aunt.

In Utica, Illinois, a young man disappears. Nobody cares except for the one person who doesn’t believe in UFOs.

In Memphis, Tennessee, Max disappears after a bank robbery leaving his clueless best friend Brody in charge of hiding his secrets from the police.

What do these three disappearances have in common?

The Cantor Dimension...

Solve a centuries old murder in a place where the legendary Knights Templar hid their treasures and the Prince of Transylvania lost his head.

Why did the Bats people worship the gods of time? What paradise did Cantor create from n-dimensional space? Meteorites, murders, mysteries, and mayhem surround the secrets that unlock the door to another world in The Cantor Dimension.

Posted by SharonDelarose on Sunday, August 05, 2012   

One of our websites consistently holds a top-ten spot on the search engines and we’re sharing our success with you. We’ve created a step-by-step roadmap that teaches you how to build a profitable internet business, how to rev up your existing internet business, and how to add multiple streams of income to any website, even if you don’t have an internet business.

Posted by SharonDelarose on Sunday, August 05, 2012   

From bad dog to best friend, Dakota's story is a must for anyone with a problem dog. From pottying all over the house, chewing and destruction, Dakota was transformed into a dog who could be trusted with full run of the house all day.

Like many dog owners, we adopted a dog expecting fun and games but what we got was a dog who turned our world upside down with bad behavior, dirty tricks, frustration and destruction.

Posted by SharonDelarose on Sunday, August 05, 2012   

Yankee, Go Home 1885 Reads AuthorBook

Yankees flock to the sunny South where flowers bloom even in the middle of winter and summertime rules for most of the year. What nobody tells you is why the Yankees hightail it back North again.

Posted by SharonDelarose on Sunday, August 05, 2012   

Extraordinary true-life chronicles of a UFO alien abductee as revealed through vividly creepy dreams and screen memories. Walk the scary trails with me, haunted by creatures who followed me for decades with night terrors, monstrous visitors, bizarre visions, and fright nights that had me turning on all the lights afraid to go to sleep.

Posted by SharonDelarose on Sunday, August 05, 2012   

Fist of the Tigress  2425 Reads authorannouncement
Fist of the Tigress on Amazon (click here)


An undercover agent is beaten and tortured after her cover is blown in a desolate post-apocalyptic desert town. She's rescued by a Kung Fu master who trains her in Tiger Fist, enabling her to take revenge on the men who violated her.

Posted by GL on Monday, July 30, 2012   

There’s more to science fiction than cyborgs, deep space, and futuristic plotlines. Sci-fi is an exploration of philosophical and metaphysical themes in a fictionalized context, such as what is real? What is reality? What lies beyond the realm of possibility? Finish reading this article on Visit Screenwritersdaily.com (click here)


My first ebook novella is out!

Posted by RobertLCollins on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 Read full article: 'The Valley Springs Resort'   

What to expect from Dominae Primus fiction releases.


Commercially released, 'Daily Doses & Vital Verses' is a throwback to the days of woven verses and reflective, spiritual and philosophical prose. A book with dual nature, one that of a poet and another of an observer of existence.

Daily Doses & Vital Verses
By Dominae Primus
Copyright 2010


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