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Mary and Karl: A novel about human relationships interacting in reality

I opened my eyes with difficulty, felt a headache and I asked myself: Where am I now .. This is not Mary's room .. Who is this girl who sleeps next to me ..? It's completely naked ..! Her lips moved and I heard her sleepy voice... her face retreat far from me a little bit .. I see her .. She is Sally ..!
I saw her come out from under cover. I knew she was asleep with me in bed, her naked body was glued to my body.
Sally absent in the corner of the room, then returned carrying the tray with cup of orange juice, sat on the edge of the bed, and put on the tray on table, then gave me the cup, and helped me to drink it. I felt the cold juicy sweet caress my dry throat.
The juice effect Spread in my veins immediately, I felt renewal in my body ... and looked around, to find myself in a round strangeness room like a space-age rooms. I looked at Sally, which was still naked, without embarrassment or shame, and her golden hair hanging behind, like the tail of horse in concert with the gold of her skin.
I felt the loss of the sense of time, and I have no memory and a past ... lifted up my eyes, fell on the blue of her eyes, filled with candor and strength, and I asked her:
-where are we now ..?
-It is my room .. Do you Like it ..?
-Yes .. of course .. how I got here ..?
-Beer is that brought you here ..?
-I can not remember anything .. I feel that my brain is empty .. Do lists me what happened ..?
-Yesterday we went to church .. Then we entered the bar .. and you're very thirsty, so excessive drinking until you became drunk .. Then I pulled you and we came back here ..
-What time is it ..?
-Nine in the morning on Monday, my birthday ..!
-Happy Birthday .. Have you contacted Mary ..?
-Yes .. I told her you are with me ..
-what did she say ..?
-She is going to come after a few ..
I felt embarrassed when I remembered Mary .. how I will face this girl that interested me and brought me to her famly .. I lived with them .. Then I left without permission and spent the night out ..
I heard a car horn .. Sally ran to the window .. .. waved her hand and shouted:
-Enter the door is open ..
Then she turned to me and said:
-She is Mary, came for you ..
I wore my clothes quickly, I do not understand why I was anxious .. I came down the stairs and found Mary, wait .. it seems to anxiety .. Her face was angry, not as usual, shake her hand emotionally .. I did not watch her in this case previously, asked her .. Is there a problem ..?
she said: You have an appointment with the doctor
-Yes .. Sorry I forgot ..
-I will go .. I am waiting you in the car ..

Added:  Thursday, December 01, 2016
Reviewer:  Nothim Assange
Related web link:  https://www.amazon.com/Mary-Karl-relationships-int
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